5 Cool Games for Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect

Choosing a good game for the Kinect Xbox is quite difficult, you need to consider the ratings, genre, and quality of graphics. In this article, we have presented five cool games for the Kinect that will immerse you in its atmosphere.

What is a Kinect for the Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 kinect is an optional console accessory, this device consists of a camera and two sensors that are located on top of the device. What is it for and what is the principle of its work? The thing is that Kinect “detects” the player’s movements in space and displays them on the screen, so you can control the game without any controllers.
If you are playing baseball, you have to use physical movements where you simulate hitting the ball, and thanks to this device, the character on the screen repeat the same movement. Remember that the success of your game depends on the accuracy of your movements.
Technically, the Kinect is not a simple device; it uses sensors such as:
• Infrared – it probes spaces;
• CMOS sensor – it turns the data into a 3D projection.
And between these sensors, there is a camera that recognizes faces.

List of the best games for the Kinect

This list contains games of different genres and types of difficulty, choose the ones that suit you best or interest you.
1. Microsoft Kinect Adventures!
it’s a great game for beginners because the Kinect is a complex device that takes some getting used to. This game has a very high rating because it is very convenient and has fun gameplay.
This game includes 20 mini-games of different sports that require you to move physically. And besides, the game allows several people to play it at the same time. Invite your friends and have a great time!
2. Ubisoft Fighters Uncaged
The best fighting moves game that will help you to warm up or blow off some steam. In this game, you fight your opponents in the fighting arenas of the tournament. The game has about 70 programmed grappling moves and you will also be able to fight together with a friend
3. Microsoft Forza Motorsport 4
It’s a stunning race with great graphics and gameplay. Choose your dream car and drive it from the comfort of your own home. In front of you will open a variety of locations that you can explore sitting in an armchair. The realism of the game is amazing.
4. Bandai Dragon Ball Z for Kinect
The game is sure to be appreciated by fans of the anime genre. Feel like a real anime hero performing various combos and super attacks using more than 100 movements.
5. Bethesda The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition
It is one of the best Kinect games on the market today. Choose your character and their skill list, make new friends and enemies as you play. In this game, you will be able to create magic. fight dragons and give verbal orders. All in all, the game is worth your attention.