Best Oculus games 2021

Best Oculus games

New technologies do not stand still and have reached almost every area of our lives, including the game industry. The main goal of developers to create a game in which the line between reality and the virtual world will be almost imperceptible. That is why there were virtual reality devices and in this article, we have highlighted the best games for Oculus 2021.

Oculus Brief Overview

Oculus is considered one of the best virtual reality devices. Putting on a comfortable in every sense helmet you get into a virtual world that looks as realistic as possible and thus provides an almost complete immersion in the game. Wherever you look everywhere there will be the same three-dimensional world, this device eliminates any lags or bugs.
Oculus can be connected to both PC, mobile, and gamepad with a special cable. The device has a 1080 HD expansion that is comparable to the quality of the picture on your TV. But the developers completely deny the possibility of behavioral disorders since people do not understand what world they are in at the moment, because they used modern technology to create a new model.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is one of the oculus games that made players look at the zombie genre from a different angle and brought something new to it because when a pack of zombies attacks you in a virtual world it does not seem like just a game.
The game’s plot unfolds in the state of Arizona, which is just teeming with an army of zombies, and the small number of survivors are fighting hard every day, but it seems as if everything stands still. But don’t think that the whole gameplay will be just the extermination of zombies because you are constantly short of any resources, especially weapons and ammo. Search the locations, resupply, and try to survive.

Superhot VR

This game combines the styles of puzzle, action, and action. Although the characters and visuals here are not the most impressive, the virtual reality battles are all breathtaking. Every bullet, thrown object, or flying piece of shrapnel feels real.
The gameplay is a lot of levels that look more like a battle arena, where you have to exterminate the crowds of enemies coming at you. The main feature is that time in the game only moves when the character himself moves. So you need to find the best path of passage. And after you have passed the level you will be shown a little video of your combat but in real-time mode.

Rock Band VR

In addition to shooters in virtual reality, there are other genres, such as music. In this game, you can feel like a real rock star at a performance, and if you have a Guitar Controller, the game will become thousand times more realistic. The animation of this game is on a completely different level, and most importantly, it is not necessary to know the notes to play the guitar.