7 Board Management Software Reviews

With the board software, you can increase the efficiency of board meetings and control the implementation of protocols. Here are the best software reviews.

What is the purpose of the board software?

Document security is a growing concern for many companies. This aspect plays an essential role in switching to a board portal. Since the information is extremely sensitive, the communication method must also have an appropriate level of security. For example, when a company secretariat sends financial reports or strategy documents, they need to be encrypted when they are sent, received, and at every stage in between. It is practically impossible on paper. Therefore, the board of directors transfers their daily workflows into board software. It is a digital solution that serves as a secure collaboration environment for the collegial bodies.

What are the best board management software reviews?

The list of the most widespread board portals in the business sphere includes 7 board software reviews:

  1. Boardmaps

The software provides full-fledged work with questions and instructions, safe work with documents and materials based on the results of managers’ meetings, the possibility of electronic voting using an electronic signature, etc. The question is a crucial entity around which the work of management bodies at all levels, from the board of directors to the project team, takes place. 

  1. BoardPaq

The system is focused on automating the work of collegial management bodies (CO), such as boards of directors, committees, and management boards in open joint-stock companies, holding structures, and investment funds. It is a convenient, thoughtful, and secure system that uses modern approaches to automation, such as cloud computing, a SaaS model, client applications for a wide range of mobile devices, personalized security certificates, etc.

  1. Wrike

The software portfolio is correspondingly powerful. Unlike other project management tools, Wrike organizes projects into folders. The user can arrange his daily task routine via drag-and-drop. In addition to the list, Wrike also offers a Kanban board and overviews of the workload of individual employees in the team. The integrated search function permits detailed information. In this way, the individual team members can keep track of things even with several projects. The software can also be installed as an app on the desktop or smartphone, making it quick and easy to start.

  1. Diligent

The software is a cloud-based secure online data repository and platform designed for data storage and smooth collaboration between board members and high-level business professionals. It is designed to support executives, limit liability risks and prevent data leakage.  

  1. Boardadvantage

This digital solution successfully helped the company transfer the office work, the negotiation of contracts, and the minutes of meetings into an electronic format. As a result of the introduction of the board software, the procedures for registering orders, agreeing on contracts, and keeping minutes of meetings have been implemented and are successfully functioning.

  1. Boardable

Boardable’s board meeting software is an excellent choice for teams looking to host hybrid meetings. This software allows you to conduct virtual and in-person meetings with the same efficiency. In addition, it offers features such as efficient meeting minutes’ documentation, effortless information sharing, personalized communication channels for groups and committees, and more.

  1. Boardeffect

The software provides organizational tools to help companies better manage board meetings and offers solutions for managing nonprofit operations. Participants know in advance about the goals and agenda and understand who is responsible and what tasks are based on the decisions made at the meeting.